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I create interfaces for video games.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Miniature fly drone collecting Intel for Atlas soldiers
Dead Space 2: 3D holographic interfaces
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Atlas in-world video logs
Wherever there is a display, my role is to design its content, from visual concepts to implementation.
Displays containing interfaces can range from old TVs to holographic wristbands, access panels, GPS devices and dashboards etc.
Call of Duty: AW Intel reveal animation
Dead Space 3: Holograms look development
Dead Space 3: Holograms look development . Retro-futuristic look and feel for all holographic displays
For the past decade, I have been contributing to
and directing interface teams of studios around the World.
Call of Duty: AW live action directed by Peter Berg
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Jonathan Irons' (Kevin Spacey) speech at the UN
Assassin's Creed Unity . Animus in-world displays
Crafting compelling interfaces starts with extending a project's vision and art direction.
Rainbow Six Siege logo and visual exploration
Rainbow Six: Siege . Interfaces concepts after the franchise's reboot
Most projects require more than just animated displays,
but also logos design, custom font creation, visual styleguide exploration,
and even unique visual language creation.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . 'Aftermath' mission starts in futuristic Detroit
The story behind each interface is a major component of its seamless integration to a fictional universe.
Rainbow Six: Siege . Wing suit helmet concept
Call of Duty: AW Atlas access touch panel
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Military surveillance and tracking of a potential threat
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Seoul billboards animated ads
I only work on one project at a time. Each project requires my entire dedication and focus to achieve outstanding results.
Dead Space 2: 3D holographic interfaces . In-world Ishimura spaceship holograms
I now work as a freelance interface designer.
Feel free to reach out.
Rainbow Six Siege weapons crafting concept
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Marines Squad's Drop pod under fire, before crashing into a skyscraper in Seoul


Companies I have worked for


"One of the most professional, skilled, and reliable artists that I had the pleasure to working with."— Mike Yazijian, Art Director, Warner Bros. Games
Assassin's Creed Unity concept exploration
"Jeremie showed great creativity and flexibility in adapting his designs to the evolving needs of the Art Director."— Mohamed Gambouz, Art Director, Ubisoft
"Jeremie helped drive the concept and look development of the Dead Space 3 interfaces."— Dino Ignacio, UI Director, Electronic Arts
"Jeremie ranks in the top two Interface artists with whom I have come into contact."— Ian Milham, Creative Director, Electronic Arts
"An exceptional reputation, creativity, and talent in the highly competitive video game industry."— Kate Edwards, IGDA Executive Director
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare . Inside the turret shooting at a drone swarm
"His level of expertise and success places Jeremie among a very small percentage of people who has risen to the pinnacle of his field."— Alain Tascan, EA Montreal founder, Ubisoft Montreal co-founder
"We consider Jeremie to be an expert interface artist in the top 10% of our industry."— M. Condrey and G. Schofield, Founders, Sledgehammer Games